Aug 25, 2010


Just finished this picture, which I'll be exhibiting along with other Jamaica Street illustrators at St George's in Bristol. It's a three part exhibition spread over the course of a year entitled 'Red, Yellow, Blue'. It will be exhibiting from friday 27th August. Also the private view is the 8th September so do come along! Here's the flyer and a bit of blurb about it...
The JSA's eclectic group of illustrators return to St George's with the exhibition 'Red, Yellow, Blue'. This year-long revolving show evolves with St George's tri-annual programme, presenting a unique twist on each colour throughout the year.

Traditionally illustration is associated with the act of distinction; therefore each period the exhibiting illustrators interpret a new primary colour, in their own distinct style, paying homage to this formidable triptych. Starting with 'Red', the thematic simplicity of this minimalist colour palette creates an exciting platform for creativity and diversity, following in the historic footsteps of artistic giants Mondrian, Richter and Newman.

This inventive exhibition highlights a wealth of emerging talent, whilst also promising familiar faces: with Emma Dibben's mouth-watering morsels and Rose Sanderson's weird and wonderful creations; fantastical flights of fancy from children's illustrators Serena Curmi and Teresa Murfin; humorous outings from Leah Heming and Bjorn Rune Lie; horticultural heritage from Hannah McVicar; luminous vistas from Abigail McDougall; and the dark and surreal from newcomer Tom Mead.

The three-part nature of this exhibition guarantees an unravelling year of surprises for new and returning visitors to St George's, creating a dynamic yet harmonious visual treat inspired by the grandeur of this atmospheric venue.

Aug 12, 2010


Just playing around with a few things. Found some lovely aged board and cardboard in the backs of some old picture frames. They make great surfaces to work on.

Aug 11, 2010


Yes my shop is indeed now open! I'm selling prints at the moment but if anyone is interested in buying the original artworks just let me know. Fingers crossed it's all functioning as it should be, happy shopping!!

Aug 9, 2010

It's coming!

So I managed to get everything photographed for my online shop. It's gonna be up real soon, just adding a few more bits of info then I can go live! Eeeek!

Aug 4, 2010

Hide & Seek

Canvas number 2! I really enjoyed doing the mini canvas for the Jamaica Street Open Studios auction so thought why not do another one, plus it was this man's birthday. I've been getting more into collage recently, it's extremely satisfying and finding odd scraps of really beautiful old paper is a big highlight!

Keep your eye out soon for my shop. Hopefully I'll be photographing bits and bobs for it tomorrow, fingers crossed it won't be grey and ominous like today!