Jan 18, 2010


This artwork is by my very talented other half, and I've been saying for ages that I would like to make the cute little creature in it. Finally I got round to it last week.....

Don't think it's too bad for a first attempt! Hope you agree?! The plan is soon to set up a shop so I can make more things like this and sell prints and artworks and whatnot...

Jan 11, 2010


A couple of test pieces I did for Maestro last year. Unfortunately the job didn't come about, but it's definitely been worthwhile doing them.

Looking forward to seeing more of this collaboration!

Jan 4, 2010


Didn't manage to get this post out before christmas, but I hope a very merry christmas was had by all!

I had my first foray into screenprinting before the end of the year and printed some christmas cards. I think it was a successful first attempt! Thanks ever so to the other half for the knowhow! Looking forward to doing more.

Here's to a prosperous 2010!